Astrid Felsenreich

Astrid is a woman with many facet’s!
She is strong, lively, sensual, creative. She’s got a good sense of humour, loves the stillness and she is constantly busy finding the right answers to the major questions in life!

Astrid is an experienced, passionate therapist and yoga teacher. She believes that a conscious yoga practice can guide you to yourself. On this journey she inspires yogis to explore their natural power, mobility and vitality. She encourages to a healthy and happy relationship to the body and mind. 

Astrid is a true nature lover and her body is her home. She is a proud mum and has proudly given birth at home to all 3 kids. 

She’s been practicing yoga for the last 40 years. In her 30 years of teaching yoga, the mixes her knowledge of yoga perfectly together with her knowledge of the human body, philosophy and philology.

Her yoga introduction classes are pure pleasure and present a new way of orientation in the body, with enjoyment, movements relaxation and trust!