Filipa Veiga

"Being part of festivals means taking time to connect with your inner sense nature and all its beings"

Being a third culture child, it was in Ubud, Bali, that all started to connect. Filipa and her family moved, in 2012, to Asia and the consciousness expanded for all of them.

Yoga studios, shalas, ecstatic dances, ceremonies, Green School, visiting temples, chanting,  connecting with amazing evolved minds, to name a few, became part of the family lifestyle. That gave Filipa the opportunity to grow as a yoga teacher teaching in the famous studios of Ubud. After being a TV journalist for over 10 years, teaching yoga happened in a very organic way after almost 10 years of practicing Ashtanga Yoga. 

Mother, author, growing to be a conscious human being and as woman, Filipa wishes to pass on all she has learned from the teachers Filipa had the privileged to encounter. 2018, during her fourth trip to Mysore, her teacher granted her the honour and blessing to teach the traditional method according to the KPJAYI. Parallel she studies yin yoga, Ayurveda, Mindfulness and meditation, practices she embraces in her teachings making her classes dynamic yet with a feminine intelligence that benefit all who practice with her. 

At the moment she lives in Cascais with her family and still travels to Bali for retreats as well as participates in various wellness events as a yoga teacher as well as a speaker.

She is an ambassador for Wanderlust Portugal and started a new project in 2018 bringing the Bali vibe to Europe with the Portugal Spirit Festival.